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San Diego’s Favorite Escape Room

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You’ve received a mysterious invitation...

to a private viewing at one of the most prestigious art galleries in the city. Will you choose to go?

The Attic

You are house sitting...

for a seemingly friendly neighbor when a noise draws you to the attic. You discover something is terribly wrong and must escape.

The Dungeon

You have been locked up...

in a medieval dungeon previously occupied by The Alchemist. He couldn’t execute his escape plan but can you?

Escape Room, Escape Game or Puzzle Room?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a secret agent, escape a dungeon, or solve a mystery? At Escapism we create unique escape room experiences. In our Escape Game Rooms you are part of the adventure. You are trapped in a room and racing against the clock for sixty minutes. This is an intense and immersive experience. Everything you need to escape is inside the room. You and your team will work together to find clues. Solve Riddles. And hopefully crack codes. Reveal the clues inside and you will be closer to completing the mission and escaping the room. This is a great game for groups so we suggest you bring your friends and co-workers.

Always a Fun Adventure

We are always working on new ideas; check in periodically for new rooms.

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Escapism in the Media

ESCAPE if you can!

Posted: February 24th, 2017

By Margie M. Palmer

Puzzle room is one of Hillcrest’s best-kept secrets

An accountant, a college student and two journalists walk into an art gallery. Within moments, the door locks behind them. The group has been given a mission — find and locate an item that has been intricately hidden within its walls. They have 60 minutes to complete the mission and escape.

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The unknown is a frightful beast. It feeds on fret; if it is to remain peaceful and sated, it must be constantly dwelled upon, ideally by a vigilant worrier such as myself. It’s a bitch of a watch, but someone has to prepare for every improbable-but-possible worst-case scenario, lest the demon slip through the gate and kill us all while we’re otherwise occupied. Despite my dedication to the mission, I admit the occasional respite is welcome. I imagine this is why I felt a strange sort of relief when David expressed his apprehension about our impending night out.

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